Everything is connected. Nothing is also connected.
Все-таки насколько сильно вроде бы вымышленный мир отражает реальную действительность, если копнуть. Невероятно глубокая мета про Магнуса в 2х19 и конфликт Клэйва/нижнемирцев с точки зрения цветного человека вот здесь

I feel like all these “Magnus is a dupe,” “Magnus is OOC,” “Magnus is being mind controlled by the Queen,” “Magnus is a secret spy agent,” and “Magnus has a secret plan” theories that are springing up with regards to his breaking from the Clave and cleaving to the Seelie Queen are just exposing the massive empathy gap in this fandom between marginalized people, especially POC, and the fandom at large.

People are really bending over backwards to explain away why Magnus isn’t siding with his violent oppressors in the middle of a racially charged war. They can’t just let this man be fed up with systemic racism.

There has to be some “catch” for why he’s not taking “Alec’s side.” (Even though it’s not really about Alec individually, it’s about the Clave and perhaps Alec as a conduit of the Clave’s oppressive rule…but this fandom can’t let Magnus make decisions outside of Malec, so here we are.)

There has to be some “deeply insecure, emotional reason” for why Magnus rolled his eyes when Alec gave that too little, too late apology over lying about the Soul Sword to the Cabinet when he literally offered nothing to them to ensure that he wouldn’t lie again while also asking for their help again.

I don’t know how much more blatant the show can be to draw the parallels between shadowhunters and white people, and downworlders and POC. The Accords and the Clave are a parallel to a racist justice system and government.

Everyone keeps acting like the Seelie Queen suggested they commit genocide against the shadowhunters and Magnus is being “naive” or “an idiot” or “callous” to side with her.
Guess what? The Seelie Queen literally never said anything like that so where is this coming from?
The Seelie Queen told everyone she wants the downworld to break away from the Clave and the Accords because shadowhunters are blatantly racist, the Clave doesn’t follow their own racist Laws half the time, and they aren’t working for the benefit of all. The Accords are literally not worth following if they barely provide protection for downworlders from oppression.
She has never once said or even implied that she wanted to wholesale slaughter the shadowhunters. She simply said if the Clave wants to continue oppressing everyone or stops them from killing Valentine, then they can prepare for a war.
She prefers war, I think, because in her long history she’s seen that violent revolution often has lasting systemic change. You can reference dozens of major revolutions in history to see that.
Magnus can agree with all of that.

... The Seelie Queen is ruthlessly pragmatic. If working with Valentine temporarily means the end of the Clave’s oppressive rule, she will do it and deal with Valentine later.

Literally the Accords are not working. Why should any of the downworlders continue to abide by them if the shadowhunters don’t? Or they can twist them so they don’t mean squat and there are no consequences for shadowhunters who do so?

*Victor Aldertree tortured Raphael as “incentive” and as a “punishment” to Magnus all under the perfectly legal parameters of the Accords.
*Meliorn was almost tortured and killed last season based on circumstantial evidence and hearsay under the perfectly legal parameters of the Accords.
*Imogen was able to implement wide spread racial profiling methods including mass involuntary DNA collection and GPS chipping under the perfectly legal parameters of the Accords.

“They just don’t want any more people to die! A war means more deaths.” I guess all those downworlders hurt and killed by the Clave don’t really count as “more deaths,” huh? I guess the downworlders should just grin and bear it when they’re getting slaughtered by Valentine on one side and violently oppressed by the Clave on the other. The Downworlders should just wait their turn. Once Valentine is gone, then the Clave will see reason.
Sure, Becky.

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